“When I’m With U”

Till the last voyage


I call it call it magic

When I’m with u

Don’t know How I lost into outer space

When I’m with u

And don’t know where,

But this Rambling soul finds a shelter

When I’m with u.

Yes I don’t ,I don’t ,I don’t

But it’s magic

When I’m with u.

Well u know

U r the soft summer drizzle

Falling mildly through the trees

When I’m with u

And yes u r the new spring time

That draw me with all vivacity.

When I’m with u

Yes U r Interminable sonnet

That ensue with closeness

When I’m With u.

Yes I don’t ,I don’t ,I don’t

But It’s magic

When I’m With u.

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If I Say


unknown credits

sitting here in this desolated place so long

I’ve been keeping it in this lonely heart from ages

now m thinking how it came to me or simply it belongs

cos you are the only reason for me to get rid of my perplexes

yes you are the one who holds me long

when I needed someone to bring me all the blisses

since I know it ain’t makes any significance

But would you understand this

If I say you are the origin to whom I belong

as I know it would not make any sense

but would you understand this

if I say you are the apple of my eyes

would you look the same at this fellow with the alluring face

cos I never wanna hurt those fragile thin eyes

If I will tell you all these stuff tell me what’s the deal

but don’t take me wrong as this is the way I feel

would you look at me the same

As I’m scared of if I’ll tell

yes you never gonna feel this

what I feel inside

but I never wanna loose you

all though I’ll die

but still I’m in wonder that

If I say you………….

fame game



unknown credits

Keep on running,keep on chasing

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

Keep on questioning and keep on answering

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

Whether I’m in this world or the world is around me

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

Living for the happiness or happy that I’m living

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

Money for the joy or joy is money

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

Phony smiles with those fake promises.

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

Self-desire with these egocentric hopes.

I’m tired of playing this fame game.

The race for the name and race for the esteem.

I’m enough with my innings in the game of fame.

Yes in the game of fame.

Oh’ Dear Society


Unknown credits

The origin comes with voidness, Yet that moment will be too empty.

When you’ll wish to sleep for untold days.

But don’t know how to please this mysterious heart which is already greedy,

And still keep on chasing with a hungry face.

Crazy people and their crazy needs

I’m living in a society of lust where more wants to be much more

But the joy of having enough never exists.

I think we need to find a bigger place

Cause when you wish for more than you think,

You need to have a more space.

Oh’ Dear Society leave me alone with all my things,

Cause I don’t wanna run more like those money geeks.

Hope you’ll not be lonely without me,

As you’ve more people to play around you with your murky tricks.

Oh’ Dear Society forgive me,

Hope you’ll not Hate me,

If I’ll make my own path and being free.

Yes being free…and rest in peace.

Dairy Of My Hero


“Don’t Hesitate or Allow Yourself To make excuses,

Just Get Out and Do It, You’ll Be Very Very Glad That You Did It”

                                                                                                     “ALEXANDER SUPER-TRAMP”

Ultimate Freedom


Unknown Credit

With a change in our body right from a young one to become a mature aged

There’s nothing in this fancy world to be left concealed

Wondering in a boulevard of semblance with my scene surreal

I know my heart will never quench this rambling soul.

Yes, my heart will never far away from this greedy “Big Blue Marble”.

Although I’m Smiling or I’m Sad

I know I’ll keep this eagerness in my flesh

Till I dead.

Although I’m running or I’m Tired

I know I’ll never consummate The desire

That I had.

Don’t wanna more of this life full of rules

Where I can’t get the fresh air of freedom and used to smiles like a fool.

What else more I want as I’m lucky enough to see a changing horizon

What else more I want as

I’m enough to give u a prove that each day I’m seeing a new sun.

No Cigarettes, No Desire, No Money, No Power

I wanna my rooftop with the canopy of sky

Which will gimme the freedom as an extremist to last in the life as entire.